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Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging application with over a billion users. It’s a great way to share information quickly and securely around groups of friends and colleagues.

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Staying safe online

If you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other social platform – chances are you’ve received unwanted or even abusive comments – often from complete strangers.

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Welcoming members join UNISON online

We think that our workplace reps are one of UNISON’s greatest assets. The support they give members is invaluable – partly because they’re available for members to talk to face-to-face. When a…

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Improving the experience of joining UNISON online: day one of our design sprint

For five days eight UNISON staff are working together to decide what a future experience for joining UNISON online should look like. Day one focused on a review of how online joining works at the…

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What’s it like being a digital data analyst at UNISON?

I’ve been in post as Digital Data Analyst for 12 weeks now. In that time, over half a million people visited and 1.6 million pages have been viewed on the UNISON website. We’ve had over 33,000 people…

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Vote for UNISON as a digital leader

Exciting news! UNISON has been recognised in a very prestigious UK wide list of ‘the leading champions of digital transformation‘. And now we need your votes!

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Digital understanding members better

Roll up, roll up! We’re taking bets on how well you know our members…

Membership organisations like UNISON have long struggled to make sure their members read their communications. And since the digital revolution the problem has only got bigger.

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Women Byte Back – inspiring women

Recently, Digital UNISON and UNISONlearning teamed up on a training day for UNISON’s women members at Bletchley Park. Here are some of the highlights of the day.

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Building great things together: the inaugural branch websites ‘hackday’

In June we plan to launch a new branch website platform. We hope this will offer powerful features and great design, while still being simple for activists to use. Can we live up to our hopes? Not…