Harnessing A.I. for the benefit of people and planet

SPW introduces the booklet with the following words: “Despite a good economic situation and falling unemployment for years, social insecurity and fears of the future are growing in parts of German society. In contrast to the dynamics of precariousness, which contribute to that uncertainty, the…

NEW! Multiple language versions available

With over 1000 downloads, UNIs documents on Ethical AI and Workers’ Data Rights have reached many a person and organisation. UNI affiliates have translated them into several languages so as many people as possible can enjoy their key messages.

When Algorithms Hire and Fire

Take a second and consider whether you would you have your job, if an algorithm had been in charge of hiring you? Think about your financial records, your health file, your friends on social media. Are you a member of a trade union? Do you own a Fitbit? What are your shopping habits and what do you…

UNI joins Partnership on AI

UNI Global Union this week joined the multistakeholder Partnership on AI (PAI). PAI is dedicated to addressing a range of issues aimed at ensuring Artificial Intelligence benefits society, including how AI will affect the future world of work.

Digitalisation can be shaped! Op-ed for FES

UNI Global Union was asked to write a debate article for FES Info listing some of our core demands for the future of work. Just published and available here in German only on page 8, the op-ed lists four of our core policies. Here follows a shortened English version of the article:

Podcast: Feat. UNI on the FWOW

In May 2018, Christina Colclough addressed the congress of the Irish Financial Services Union on the future world of work. The speech focused in on why workers must be aware of their data rights as management-by-algorithm spreads, and data is increasingly used in HR processes such as hiring, firing,…

Numbers deceive

Every month, if not every week, excellent papers and reports are published predicting massive job losses or the reverse: a zero-sum game as certain jobs will disappear whilst others will be created. We read these reports and learn a lot from them. From McKinsey’s 2017 report “Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained:

UNIs FWOW motion unanimously adopted

With 10 clear action points and priorities unanimously adopted, UNI Global Union has confirmed their commitment to ensuring we have a voice, are present and active in shaping the world of work we want. Acknowledging the challenges many workers across the world already face as jobs are displaced by…

Temp agencies vs online platforms – New report out!

It will come as little surprise that the comparison between online talent platforms and the temporary agency sector revealed significant differences along a number of dimensions. Access to training and social protection was significantly less for workers in the online talent platforms. This is not…

Ethical data collection must be employed at work

The OECD published today UNI Global Union’s article titled: Not Just a Facebook Problem: Ethical data collection must be employed at work It only takes a look at the world’s most valuable companies to see that data is the new gold. Already in 2014, global data flows accounted for US$2.8 trillion;…