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Improving online joining in unions – TUC workshop outcomes

This is a write up from a practical workshop we ran at the TUC on improving online joining processes in unions. We had 30 attendees with a broad range of staff functions including IT, comms,…

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How can we make it easier to join trade unions?

What’s the most important page on a union website? I’d suggest it’s not the home page, or even the General Secretary’s biography, but the online joining form. In many unions, a majority of members…

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Congress 2018 digital hub – a snapshot of union digital

Just back from the TUC’s 150th anniversary Congress in Manchester, where we had a Digital Hub stall, helping delegates make the most of tech to follow the conference. In between charging up…

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Online to offline organising – lessons from the US and Australia

Digital offers unions ways to reach out to workers that we’d find hard to access traditionally, due to hostile employers, geographical dispersion or limited organiser resources. It can also provide…