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Welcome to laborgeek.org, a reading list for Web2.0 technology in the labour movement.

This isn’t really a site in its own right – you won’t find much original content here. All we do is signpost the way to up-to-the-minute resources that you might find useful.

The site studies the RSS feeds of blogs that specialise in union ICT issues, and merges all their posts automatically into one feed, so you only need to remember one place for all the news.

It also scoops up and includes del.icio.us bookmarks that the network shares with us – useful sites or resources that others think everyone should be aware of. And it merges all this with the odd story from web news sources, where it matches a whole bunch of geeky labor keywords.

You can get this combined feed from laborgeek’s home page, in your RSS reader, or delivered daily by email – whatever is easiest for you.

As this site is intended to complement rather than compromise any of the great sites already discussing these issues, we don’t host debate or discussion at laborgeek itself. If you want to comment, go do so at the site the link takes you to. If you want to endorse or spread the word about a particular link, you’ll find a sharethis button on each post. This button relates to the final destination page, not to the intermediary on laborgeek, so you’re safe to use it to give props to the content originators.

So enough already – Start reading the feed, and get stuck into the conversation that’s growing out there!

DISCLAIMER: laborgeek doesn’t write the overwhelming majority of the stuff on this site, and can’t be responsible for what you might find on links posted here. In fact, some of it is almost utterly random, so we can’t guarantee any standard of quailty of product through our feeds or email updates – you clicks your mouse and takes your choice, and we can only apologise in advance for any offence caused or unrecoverable minutes lost from your life. Copyright resides with the ultimate content producer, so please follow the link and ask them before re-using anything.

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