Who would you hire?

UNI has warned far and wide about the challenges, dangers even, of using data, algorithms and autonomous systems in human resources. Our article When Algorithms Hire and Fire asks you to consider for a moment whether you would have the job you have today, if an algorithm had hired you?

Strong OECD AI Principles

Today, the OECD released its first Recommendation on AI as part of its annual Ministerial Council Meeting, recognising that a “fair transition” is needed for workers affected by AI deployment with social dialogue as means towards achieving it. The OECD AI Principles recognise trade unions as a…

TCO article: New app to gather data for unions

At a Unions21 conference in London this week, UNIs Christina Colclough met TCO’s editor of ArbetsVarlden’s, Mikael Feldbaum, for a chat about UNIs Young Workers Lab upcoming app: Project Spotlight. Mikael got to the keyboard quickly and published this great article.

Test your data maturity

In the Young Workers Lab at UNI, we are working with a bunch of great experts on the idea of creating a Data Standard for trade unions. i.e. a way for us to structure our data so that it improves our impact, campaigning, organising and power.

Deep Fakes – and why you should care

At the Global Governance of AI Roundtable event earlier this year, I was in a workshop called “Horizon Scanning”. I was way out of my depth sitting with a group of mainly tech developers and engineers who speak a language other than, and different from, my own.

Should privacy pay?

Over the last year, I have been fortunate to participate in many interesting seminars and discussions on data rights and how data can be governed so the value of it benefits the many, and not just the few. From an event in Canada that gathered experts on data governance, to the World Government…

New Podcast! A discussion about the future of work

In this podcast which is a fun, thought-provoking conversation between Unions21 Simon Sapper and UNIs Young Workers Lab team, we cover a range of interesting topics. From how AI and data are changing how we work, to why unions should work together to devise a data structuring model, to big questions…

Proving Work

At the heart of the Young Workers’ Lab is a simple question: what in this day and age counts as ‘work’? Does your time spent reading emails when you should be off-duty count? Where is the limit? How about the time that click workers, freelancers, and courier riders spend waiting for a job to tick…

WTO: Stop digital trade discussions

UNI Global Union has joined civil society organisations and trade unions in expressing opposition to WTO plans to rewrite the rules of the global economy in favour of tech giants. Read the letter endorsed by 315 organisations from over 90 countries here

New Social Contract Needed

Ground-breaking ILO Global Commission report shows need for a new social contract fit for the 21st century The Commission’s report on the Future of Work explores and offers solutions to the world of work in the 21st century. The report draws on the values of the social contract formed as a response…