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“If we are so essential we should be treated as such”: Postal workers speak out during a global…

“If we are so essential we should be treated as such”: Postal workers speak out during a global pandemicOn March 17th, USPS employees started a campaign on demanding the implementation of safety protocols, paid leave for at risk employees,…

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How unemployment benefits could help keep you afloat if you are impacted by coronavirus

How unemployment benefits could help keep you afloat if your job is impacted by coronavirusAs the threat of the novel coronavirus looms over the workforce, many working people are concerned about balancing their financial stability and the need to stay…

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Crowdsourced wage transparency spreadsheets are going ‘viral’. Are you ready to get involved?

Across industries, and across the country, workers are embracing the power of salary transparency using crowdsourced spreadsheets to share information about their compensation. Inspired by a spreadsheet created by adjunct professors at US universities,…

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So you want to stage a workplace walkout. Here are a few things to consider:

From Wayfair to Google, employees have recently organized workplace walkouts to call for changes at their companies — building on the long tradition of strikes and work stoppages.Image Credit: Global Climate Strike, https://digital.globalclimatestrike….

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5 Things You Need to Know About the SF Campaign for Drag Equity

Drag has always been there for our community, and we are the best version of ourselves when the community is there for us, too.(This piece contains instead the ideas, opinions, and personal judgements of a petition leader, and are not repr…

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What to do if your boss won’t fix the air conditioning

Lots of folks love the warm summer weather, but it can be less enjoyable — and even dangerous — for workers when temperatures increase in their workplaces. For example, what happens if the air conditioning breaks in your workplace on a hot, summer day?…

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When ‘Teamworks’ Isn’t Working, Starbucks Baristas Pay a Price

How a new app at the coffee chain is impacting workersSource: Kārlis Dambrāns, this year, Starbucks rolled out a new scheduling app called Teamworks. Starbucks baristas can access their work sch…

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Think you may have missing wages? Here’s what you can do

What to do if you suspect you’ve experienced wage theftWhen someone mentions “theft,” a specific crime probably comes to mind, but many people are losing money to theft that comes in the form of a range of wage violations. In fact, far more people are …

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Cyberunions Episode 92: Alt ‘Rights’: What does labor look like in the age of Trump

Download Ogg Ogg lite MP3 Torrent Update Section This is decidedly not Walton Matt coming in from Chicago Chicago teachers strike Site of Haymarket square, Mayday for the American listeners Is there a memorial for the workers in Haymarket square? Using new tech for this podcast connections planned to be free software Indiana became […]

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Cyberunions Episode 91: Announcing the Punch a Nazi Challenge, Take that Ice Bucket!

Download Ogg Ogg lite MP3 Torrent Update section Richard Spencer punch to the music of Born in the USA. Peoples Inauguration Friday night in Boston. Womens march Saturday in Boston over 175,000 people. Labor section ideas Framing the conditions. Davos — themes, new tech and rise of robots, globalization and retreat of globalization.  Typically not […]