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Crowdsourced wage transparency spreadsheets are going ‘viral’. Are you ready to get involved?

Across industries, and across the country, workers are embracing the power of salary transparency using crowdsourced spreadsheets to share information about their compensation. Inspired by a spreadsheet created by adjunct professors at US universities,…

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5 Things You Need to Know About the SF Campaign for Drag Equity

Drag has always been there for our community, and we are the best version of ourselves when the community is there for us, too.(This piece contains instead the ideas, opinions, and personal judgements of a petition leader, and are not repr…


What every REI Co-Op member should know

There’s a grassroots movement of REI employees pushing for better schedules and higher wages at the outdoor retailerIn November 2015, an REI employee — unhappy with the wage levels and scheduling practices for store workers — created a Facebook page ca…