Covid19 puts the right to disconnect center stage

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused many countries to either recommend or force a large portion of the labor force to work from home. While the flexibility to work remotely is important and allows employees to carry on with their work, it also gives rise to an important challenge: When you work…

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“If we are so essential we should be treated as such”: Postal workers speak out during a global…

“If we are so essential we should be treated as such”: Postal workers speak out during a global pandemicOn March 17th, USPS employees started a campaign on demanding the implementation of safety protocols, paid leave for at risk employees,…

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How unemployment benefits could help keep you afloat if you are impacted by coronavirus

How unemployment benefits could help keep you afloat if your job is impacted by coronavirusAs the threat of the novel coronavirus looms over the workforce, many working people are concerned about balancing their financial stability and the need to stay…

At the forefront of AI

On March 4, Negotia’s President Monica Paulsen, sat down with UNIs Christina Colclough for a chat about artificial intelligence, AI, workers data rights, the fears and reality of automation and much more. Here are a few key excerpts: Monica: What are main technical developments we should be aware of

PODCAST: Yours, mine and our data

Make a coffee, feet up and listen to this podcast on why we need to be critical towards the massive surveillance and monitoring we are subject to. At work, as workers and as citizens. Recorded at a debate meeting at Kulturhuset in Oslo on February 11, 2020, Christina Colclough takes the audience…

Survey: Grim Reality for Young Workers

Results from a 1,700 strong survey conducted in Australia, the UK and Latin America reveal that young workers face mounting frustration over insufficient wages, rising costs, understaffing, and the consequences of digitalisation, all of which compound poor mental health.

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Answering big questions by starting small – Developing the WorkSmart prototype

The TUC’s WorkSmart project explores how unions could engage with young workers who have little awareness of us. Over the last two years we’ve developed an idea that could appeal to young workers….

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From coronavirus to the flu, public health issues impact our workplaces

Workers are speaking out to protect their healthThe spread of coronavirus has impacted numerous workplaces — and workers are speaking out, too.Image credit: virus has disrupted man…

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How workers are confronting the climate crisis inside their companies

Employees are using workplace organizing to encourage companies to address their impacts on the environmentOver the past few years, people have been organizing with coworkers to call on their employers to adhere to higher ethical standards. From Google…

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Are you being watched at work?

The Impact of constant surveillance in the workplacegiphy: Jacqueline Jing LinWhen surveillance increases, low-wage workers and Black and brown communities suffer.In today’s growing gig economy, workers have less rights and more restrictions. On top of…